• Click “Gel Simulation” to visualize the fragments of the digest results on a virtual gel (Figure

    Figure "Gel Simulation" button in the “Digest” summary table.


    A new dialogue will open with the project name as a header displaying the gel simulation (Figure The wells are depicted as rectangles at the upper side of the gel, the molecules are running from top (-) to bottom (+) aligning according to size, from large to small.

    Figure Gel Simulation.


  • Specify digest sample name
    Type a name at the top, it will also be displayed above the sample well.
  • Set ladder

    Select a ladder from our supplied drop down list to simulate the gel according to your preference. Each time you set a ladder the fragments will be arranged accordingly.

  • Fragments length

    Hovering over the fragments will show the fragment length as well as a blue line for orientation. Note that fragments which do not separate on the running gel will be displayed as one bright white-line with several sizes, as exemplified with 2 fragments 113 & 114 in the figure.

  • Gel limits

    Fragments which fall outside the gel ladder limits will not be displayed in the simulation. A red X warning will appear at the bottom left, hovering over it with the mouse will show the warning including the excluded fragments length.

  • Save gel as image

    You can save the simulation to your computer as an image in order to easily compare it to your results, print or send it to others through mail.