1.14.1 Selecting Rules for Activation

  • Before you start using the compilation engine, you should select the rules you would like to use. Rules can be selected from the “Compilation Settings” dialog (Figure It can be accessed primarily by clicking on the Compilation “Settings” icon from the Annotation Layers menu at the bottom of the screen (Figure, or by clicking the “Settings” icon on the far right in the “Compilation” tab, accessible through the View drop down menu (Figure

    Figure The ”Compilation Settings” dialog icon in the toolbar drop down Layers menu.


    Figure ”Settings” icons in the ”Compilation” summary table.


  • Rules are divided into three groups: Design, Synthesis, and Primers. These are predefined design rules for DNA and Primers, as well as manufacturability rules specific to the main DNA synthesis providers. You can request a new rule by emailing one of our customer service representatives.

  • You can select the rules you would like to apply by checking and unchecking their box in the dialog (Figure

  • To ignore warnings, simply click the "Ignore warnings" button at the top of the dialog box (Figure

    Figure The “Compilation Settings” dialog.