1.9.2 Importing NCBI files

  • Pressing the "Import" button (Figure will start downloading this sequence from the NCBI database to your library.

    Figure The "Import" button initates dowload.


  • Downloaded and downloading files appear in a window at the bottom of the Materials box (Figure
  • You can remove files from the list by clicking the red “X” icon.
  • Click the “NCBI” icon to take you to the corresponding page on the NCBI website.
  • Click the green and yellow tick icon on the left of the downloaded project to view the file in the Materials box.

    Figure Downloaded and downloading files.


  • The downloaded file will be automatically added to the downloads folder in your Materials box. From there you can move it to any other folder by drag and drop (Figure
  • The newly imported files will be indicated with a green and yellow tick icon.

    Figure The downloaded file in the Materials box.