Description Panel a.k.a Project Properties

The properties section contains different tabs providing information on your project.

Details about this feature can be found in the main Genome Compiler user guide:

-See section 1.2.10 for project properties.

  • In SnapGene in order to view and edit the project properties you should open the Description Panel (Figure either from the main menu by selecting “view”-”Description Panel” (Figure or check the box at the lower right corner (Figure

    Figure The Description Panel in SnapGene.


    Figure Opening the Description Panel from the main menu.


    Figure Opening the Description Panel using the check box at the lower right corner.


  • In Genome Compiler you can simply open the “More Properties” tab to view as well as edit the project properties (Figure For more information on project properties see section 1.2.10.

    Figure Opening Database Explorer in vNTI.