Files and Folders a.k.a The Material box

Details about this feature can be found in the main Genome Compiler user guide:

-See section 1.3 for importing files.

-See section 1.2 for more information on the material box and other user interface properties.

-See section 1.6 for Search in the Materials box.

-See section 1.8 for search through the NCBI database.

  • In SnapGene each project/molecule should be saved on your computer through save/export.

  • In Genome compiler you can choose to save/export your projects and sequences to your computer as well as to save it on cloud or simply in the material box. The Material box will appear to the left of the screen and can stay open while you work on different projects or be minimized (Figure

    Figure Database displayed in the Material box in Genome Compiler.