1.4.7 Troubleshooting

  • If you encounter an error (Figure while importing a file, double check that the file format is supported by our software.

    Figure Error dialog when importing a file.


  • If you are still experiencing trouble, feel free to contact Genome Compiler support via our live chat (see next section 1.28 for more details).

  • Raw DNA (.txt): The file (Figure must contain exclusively your raw DNA sequence.

    Figure Raw DNA (.txt) file.


  • FASTA (.fasta, .fas, .fa): The file (Figure contains a single line description, followed by the sequence. The description line must start with a right arrowhead (>). The word following the arrowhead is the identifier of the sequence. The rest of the line can contain a description.

    Figure FASTA (.fas) file.


  • GenBank (.gb): The file (Figure contains specific fields. You can find a more complete example as well as information on this format on the NCBI website: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/Sitemap/samplerecord.html.

  • ApE files are usually in the GenBank format. If you have a problem with an ApE file, try changing the extension to .gb.

    Figure GenBank (.gb) file.