3.1.7 Workgroup Shared Database a.k.a Sharing and Collaboration

Details about this feature can be found in the main Genome Compiler user guide:

See section 1.10.4 for Sharing Cloud Folders.

See section 1.11 for User Comments.

See section 1.12 for Track Changes.

See section 1.10 for Sharing and Collaboration.

  • Vector NTI has special databases to allow users to share their data among several Vector NTI® Express Designer Software users.

  • Genome Compiler allows users to access projects from anywhere and share them with others. Folders saved in the cloud appear in the Materials box and are marked with a cloud icon. Folders can be shared via the "Cloud Folder Settings" dialog (Figure which can be accessed by clicking the "Cloud Settings" icon in the Materials box or in the toolbar (see section 1.10.4). The User Comments feature allows for clearly organized communication between collaborators in real time within a project itself. User created comments highlighting specific selections are shown to all design team members within a project as indicator flags and can be selected within more shallow views to zoom to intricate details (See section 1.11). Moreover, a summary table highlighting all comments and their specifications is also accessible to allow for an easily digestible overview. Edits implemented by individual members of a design team on a single project are shown in real-time throughout a sequence in the form of Tracked Changes (See section 1.12).

    Figure Cloud Folder Settings dialog.


  • For more information on Sharing and Collaboration please refer to section 1.10.