1.20.1 Creating and Opening Your Primer Libraries

Create Your Own Primer Library

  • You can create your own Primer Library by:

    • Clicking on the "New Folder" icon in the Materials box and then selecting "Primer Library" (Figure

    • Right clicking in the grey area in the Materials box and selecting "New Primer Library."

    • Or by selecting "New Primer Library" through the File Menu.

    Figure Create a Primer Library through "New Folder" icon.


  • A new Primer Library folder will appear in the Materials box and then you will be able to Rename the folder by right clicking (Figure
  • Double click on the primer library folder to open up the Primer Library.

    Figure Right click on a new Primer Library to Rename it.


Using the Primer Library

  • The Primer Library opens as a new "Primer Library" tab and contains the following information about primers (Figure

    • Primer Name
    • Description
    • Primer sequence
    • Overhang sequence
    • Length
    • % GC
    • Tm
    • Modified: Last date it was modified and by which user
    • In inventory: An option for you to mark whether you have the primer "In Inventory" or not. By default the "In Inventory" will appear as a "No" but you can switch this to a "Yes" if this primer is present in your storage.

    Figure Primer Library layout.


Sharing Primer Libraries

  • Primer Libraries can be shared just like regular folders.
  • You can easily share your Primer Libraries by right clicking on the Primer Library in the Material box and clicking either "Settings" or "Share" (see section 1.10 for more details on sharing folders).
  • Primer Libraries can also be shared by clicking on the "Share" icon along the top of the Primer Library.