2.2 Gene Amplification

This simple flow describes the process of gene amplification.

Step 1: Finding your Gene of Interest

  • Find your gene of interest. This can be done:
    • via our NCBI search tool (see section 1.9)
    • by finding information about the gene location in an article and using our ”Go to” feature (see section 1.6)
    • by using our project search tool (see section 1.8)
    • or by importing a file (see section 1.4)
  • In this example, the hybD gene is found via the project search tool (Figure 2.2.1).

    Figure 2.2.1: Searching for the hybD gene using the search box.


Step 2: Commenting on the Part

  • Add a comment to the part (Figure 2.2.2) by right clicking on the part and selecting ”Add comment” in the drop down menu (see section 1.11).

    Figure 2.2.2: Comment on the hybD gene.


Step 3: Designing Primers

  • Design primers (see section 1.19). You can auto design primers (Figure 2.2.3).

    Figure 2.2.3: Auto design primers for the yjhQ gene.


Step 4: Ordering

  • Place your order (see section 1.13).