Online Resources a.k.a Library in the Material box

Details about this feature can be found in the main Genome Compiler user guide:

-See section 1.3 for importing files.

-See section 1.2 for more information on the material box and other user interface properties.

-See section 1.6 for Search in the Materials box.

-See section 1.8 for search through the NCBI database.

  • SnapGene allows you to retrieve common plasmids only when you’re online through “Help”- “Online Resources” in the main menu (Figure This will open a link to a list of different plasmids in the SnapGene website.

    Figure Online Resoources in SnapGene.


  • In Genome Compiler all data appears in one place divided to different folders (Figure There are two predefined libraries, one is the “Auto annotation libraries” used for auto annotating your sequences and the second under the name “Library” containing genomes, iGEM & vectors. Upon importing your files (see section 1.3) you can create new folders and sub folders by your request.

    Figure Databases in Genome Compiler.


    For more information regarding the material box and more user interface properties please refer to section 1.2.

  • You can use the search tool in the material box in Genome Compiler (Figure to look for a keyword in the project meta data of all the folders, for more information please refer to section 1.6. Meta data for each project can be found in the “more properties” tab located in a tab in an opened project (Figure or in a tooltip while hovering over the closed project in the Materials box (Figure You can also use it to search through the NCBI database (see section 1.8 for more details) ).

    Figure Meta data in the “more properties” tab.


    Figure Meta data display of a closed project in the Materials box.