1.25.4 Auto Annotation Settings Dialog

The BLASTN (BLAST "nucleotide") algorithm is used to auto annotate sequences.

Settings Dialogue Overview

Upon selecting to annotate a project, the Auto annotation Settings Dialog (Figure will open where you can:

  • Select which folders to auto annotate against.

  • Search according to a stringency; so for example you can run the auto annotation to detect sequences in your project with less than 100% match to those in the library. This will allow you to infer annotations on sequences which are "similar to.." other sequences in the library.

  • Select "Auto Annotate" and the results will appear in the project.

    Figure Auto annotation Settings Dialog.


Selecting the appropriate Auto annotation Library

  • The first step within the settings dialogue is to select which folders/libraries to auto annotate against.

  • You can select from our internal library taken from "Plasmapper" and/or any other custom libraries which you created.

  • Use the checkboxes to select or deselect folders.

  • You can also select sub-folders (Figure

    Figure Selecting sub-folders for auto annotation.


Selecting the desired Stringency

  • The next step in the settings dialog is to set the annotation stringency you would like to apply (Figure

  • Setting a 100% stringency will return annotation results whereby the sequence in the library and the project is exactly the same.

  • Reducing the stringency will likely return more annotation results with dissimilar sequences between the library and the project but is recommended to infer putative

  • annotations and functions of the sequence.

    Figure Setting auto annotation stringency.