1.24.1 Opening the Alignment Settings Dialog

Step 1 - Load Template Sequence

In order to align sequences, it is first necessary to open the project in Genome Compiler which contains the template sequence.

Step 2 - Opening the Alignment Settings Dialog

You then need to open the Alignment Settings Dialog in order to upload your alignment files.

This Settings dialog can be accessed either from:

  • The menu bar, by selecting "Tools", and then "QC Alignment" (Figure

    Figure Click Tools and then QC Alignment to open the Settings Dialog.


  • From the Annotation Layers menu at the bottom right panel of the opened project and selecting the "QC alignment" settings icon (Figure

    Figure Click Annotation Layers and then QC Alignment Settings.


  • Or by selecting the "Align" icon in the toolbar (Figure

    Figure Toolbar: "Align" icon to open Alignment Settings.