1.22.1 Opening the Cloning Wizard for Gibson Assembly

You can open the "Cloning Wizard" in one of the following ways:

  • Click the "new Construction icon" in the toolbar (Figure, or from the "File" menu select "New Construction Project."

    Figure The “Cloning Wizard” icon in the toolbar.


  • Select the insert sequence you would like to clone in either the linear or circular view, right click and select "Clone to..." (Figure or from the "Edit" menu select "Clone selected part".

    Figure "Clone to..." in the right click drop down menu.


  • Open the project containing the vector you would like to use, right click in the circular or linear view and select "Insert fragment..." from the drop down menu (Figure The last two options will automatically add the insert sequence or the destination vector in the cloning wizard flow.

    Figure "Insert fragment/s..." in the right click drop down menu.