1.2.3 Customizing the Workspace Layout

Please see the tutorial video below on Customizing your Workspace for additional support:

Minimizing and Maximizing the Materials box

  • The Materials box can be hidden by clicking on the minimizing button in the top right corner of the Materials bar (Figures and

    Figure Minimizing button for the Materials box.


    Figure Hidden Materials box.


  • The Materials box size can be adjusted by "grabbing" the right side of the Materials box and dragging to the desired size (Figure

    Figure Adjusting the size of the Materials box.


Re-arranging Project Tabs

  • Multiple projects can be open at the same time, they can be viewed in either Single Project View or Dual Project.

  • Navigate between views by clicking on the appropriate icon located at the top right of the screen (Figure

    Figure Buttons to switch between Single Project and Dual Project View.


  • Project tabs can be moved and organized. In Dual Project view, you can adjust the size of each project’s pane by moving the bar in between them (Figure

    Figure Button to adjust the size of the panes in the tile view with multiple projects.


  • Alternatively, in Single Project view, only one project is visible at a time. Navigate to each project by clicking the project tab (Figure

    Figure Single Project view showing the DNA sequence and the corresponding circular view.


Split and Expanded View

  • You can choose between two different views to visualize projects, split view or expanded view.
  • The split view shows DNA on the left pane and the circular or linear view on the right pane (Figure Alternatively, the expanded view allows you to select one view which fills the whole screen (Figure

    Figure The split view.


    Figure The expanded DNA view.


  • Navigate between the views using the ”Expand View” and ”Split View” buttons located to the right of the tabs (Figure

    The ”Expand View” buttons. The ”Split View” button.
    Figure Switch view icons.