1.22.7 Step 3 - Gibson Assembly: Select Fragments

The next step is the addition of fragments and spacers for your Gibson Assembly.

How to add Fragments and Spacers

  • Add fragments and spacers by clicking the + icon at the top of the left panel (Figure

    Figure Add a spacer or a fragment.


  • This will open a new tab whereby you can upload your fragment sequence (Figure or enter a short spacer sequence and the name. (Figure
  • You can add more fragments or spacers anywhere in the assembly by clicking on the + icon anywhere in the backbone at any time.

    Figure The ”Select Fragments” tab.


    Figure Add a spacer sequence and name.


How to Import Fragments

  • If you choose to add a fragment, you can upload it the same way as uploading the backbone in the previous step. You can either drag and drop the project containing the fragment, or expand the project in the Materials box which contains the fragment (Figure and then drag and drop that fragment, or choose a file from your computer, or type/paste sequence (Figure

    Figure Expanded project to reveal individual parts in the Materials box.


  • Set the fragment by typing coordinates into the "Start" and "End" fields or selecting sequence in the right panel and then either "Select all" or "Use Selection."
  • The coordinates of your selection will automatically be added into the fields (Figure

    Figure Imported fragment with selection chosen.


  • You can switch views in the right panel to zoom into the sequence and adjust the caret to fine tune your selection.
  • Note: Fragments smaller than 120bps are not permitted in the Gibson Assembly.