1.4.5 Importing Primers

Please see the tutorial video below on "Importing Primers" for additional support:

  • This feature allows you to import primers to a Primary Library without initially adding them to a project. Instructions on how to import primers is also covered in section 1.20.2.

  • After they are imported into a Primer Library you can then attach them to your project (see section 1.20.3 for how to attach primers).

  • You can import primers to a Primer Library by:

    • The "Import" button in the Materials box.

    • Selecting "Import Primer" through the File Menu --> Import (Figure

    • Right click on a Primer Library folder in the Materials box and select "Import".

    • Or directly in a Primer Library by selecting the "Import" icon.

    Figure Import Primers via the File menu.


  • The “Import Primers to Library” dialog box will then open (Figure
  • You first need to choose a file from your computer to import. The file formats supported for importing primers are:
    • Vector NTI primer database (.oa4)
    • Plasma DNA database (.pdat)
    • Comma Separated (NAME,SEQUENCE,OVERHANG)
    • Tab Separated (NAME SEQUENCE OVERHANG)
    • Semicolon Separated (NAME;SEQUENCE;OVERHANG)
  • Then select the primers from the list which you want to add to your library by selecting the checkboxes next to the Primer name.

  • Then choose a primer library for saving the primers to (Figure and then click "Import." The primers will then be imported into your chosen library.

    Figure "Import primers to library" dialog.


    Figure "Choose a library" dialog where you select which Primer Library to save your imported primer/s to.


  • See section 1.20 for more information on Primer Libraries and how to attach primers to projects.