1.4.4 Importing Alignment Files

  • There are two ways to import alignment files:

1) Via the regular file import flow as a new project

  • To import the file, click the "Import file" icon in the tool bar or the Materials box, or "Import" from the File menu. You will then be prompted to choose a folder for saving the file.

  • Your .ab1 or .scf file will open and the sequence will appear with the chromatogram peaks (Figure

  • By opening the file this way, no alignment is performed.

  • You can open this project again in the location where it was saved in the Materials box.

  • See section 1.4.1 for more details on uploading files.

    Figure Imported .ab1 sequence with chromatogram peaks.

2) Via the alignment tool in the opened template project

  • You can import sequences to align by first opening your template project where you would like to run the alignment.

  • Then open the alignment tool settings, by clicking on the "Align" button in the tool bar. See section 1.24.1 for details.

  • Then upload your alignment sequences by selecting the "choose a file" option. Select the files from your computer and then click "apply" (Figure See section 1.24.2 for details.

    Figure Alignment settings dialog.