1.20.2 Importing and Adding Primers to Primer Libraries

Please see the tutorial video below on "Importing Primers" for additional support:

Importing Primers from your computer

  • You can import primers from your computer to a Primer Library by:

    • Either, selecting the "Import" button in the Materials box and then selecting "Primers" (Figure

    • Or by selecting "Import primers" through the File Menu --> Import (Figure

    • Or by right clicking on a Primer Library folder in the Materials box and selecting "Import" (Figure

    • Or from inside an opened Primer Library by selecting the "Import Primers" icon (Figure

    Figure Import icon in Materials box to import primers.


    Figure Import primers via File Menu.


    Figure Right click on a Primer Library to Import primers to that library.


    Figure Import primers in a Primer Library via the "Import Primers" icon.


  • All of the above actions will open the "Import Primers to Library" dialog (Figure

  • First choose a file from your computer to import. The file formats supported for importing primers are:

    • Vector NTI primer database (.oa4)
    • Plasma DNA database (.pdat)
    • Comma Separated (NAME,SEQUENCE,OVERHANG)
    • Tab Separated (NAME SEQUENCE OVERHANG)
    • Semicolon Separated (NAME;SEQUENCE;OVERHANG)
  • Then select the primers from the list which you want to add to your library.

  • Then choose a library for saving the primers to and then click "Import." The primers will then be imported into your chosen library.

    Figure "Import primers to library" dialog.


Adding Existing Primers to Primer Libraries

  • You can also add primers from existing projects to your Primer Libraries by:

    • Either opening the primer dialog (by creating or editing a primer in a project) and then clicking the "Select library" button (Figure

    • Or opening the Primer Summary Table in a project and selecting the desired primers and then clicking on the "Save to Library" icon at the top (Figure

    Figure Add a primer to a Primer Library in the Edit Primer dialog.


    Figure Select a library to add a primer to in the Primer Summary Table.


  • Both of the above actions will prompt the "Choose a Library" dialog (Figure where you will be able to select the desired Primer Library or create a new one.

    Figure Choose a Library dialog.


  • You can also add a primer directly from a Primer Library by clicking the "New Primer" icon (Figure The Create Primer dialog will then open to design the primer (Figure

    Figure Create a new primer in a Primer Library.


    Figure Create Primer dialog via a Primer Library.