1.4.2 Importing Parts

  • To import a part, select “Parts” from the import drop down menu (Figure

    Figure The import drop down menu in the Materials box.


  • The “Import Genetic Parts” dialog will appear (Figure The “Create New Part” icon allows you to add a new part to the list. Select the appropriate feature from the “Feature Key” drop down menu and enter/paste the part name and sequence. Click the “Delete” icon to delete a part.

    Figure The ”Import Genetic Parts” dialog and its ”Feature Key” drop down menu.


  • Import the listed parts by clicking “Import”. The flow for saving parts is the same for saving files. Just like imported files, the imported part is saved as a new project in the Materials box.

  • When importing single parts, you also have the option of saving them to the Auto Annotations Library to use for auto-annotating projects (see next section 1.25 for more details).

  • Parts can also be imported via the "File" drop down menu at the top of your screen.