3.1.9 Back Translation

Details about this feature can be found in the main Genome Compiler user guide:

See section 1.15 for Back Translation.

  • In Vector NTI you accessed the back translation tool through the Back Translation button in the Analysis toolbar upon opening a protein molecule (Figure

    Figure Back translation in Vector NTI.


  • In genome compiler you should simply select a part or the hole project (in the linear or circular views), right click and select “Back Translate…” (Figure This will take you to the “Translation Settings” dialog (Figure Dragging and dropping a sequence, or copying and pasting a sequence from outside the project will also prompt the ”Translation Settings” dialog. In this dialog you should choose AA and the appropriate translation properties (codon usage/translation table), for more information refer to section 1.15.

    Figure Back Translation in Genome Compiler.


    Figure “Translation Settings” dialog in Genome Compiler.