1.27 Melting Temperature (Tm)

  • The melting temperature (Tm) of a selection can be found in the bottom bar along with other properties of the selection (Figure 1.27.1).

    Figure 1.27.1: Melting Temperature (Tm) of selection.


  • Tm is calculated according to Santa Lucia 1998.

  • Tm settings can be accessed by clicking on the settings icon (Figure 1.27.1) on the bottom bar in a regular project, or via the Tm settings icon under the Verification tab in a Gibson Assembly wizard (Figure 1.27.2).

    Figure 1.27.2: Tm Settings icon in normal projects and Gibson Assembly.

  • You can adjust Tm parameters in the Tm Settings dialog box (Figure 1.27.3).

  • Tm can also be reset to default settings according to IDT Oligo Analyzer or Primer3 defaults.



    Figure 1.27.3: Tm Settings dialog.